To All My Friends On My Birthday....

Hello everyone,

I just added a year today and you know what it feels like,waking up to know you have just grown up more. Well I cant but thank the Almighty God for seeing me through another year with his love, care, mercy and having wonderful friends,family,colleagues and well wishers just like you.

You have been there for me all through the years and I so much appreciate it.Its been a pleasure having you to count on in time of needs and trouble times. I knew something must have drawn you me to you or you to me. I don't want to ever lose the true meaning of friendship with anyone of you.

Also to my twin brother,in as much as you are naughty most of the time and you never regard me as your senior, I still love you cos u're my lil bro. Here is to wish you great happiness, a joy that never ends and may all your dreams come through lil bro!!!..LOL
And to my majesty self..I'm.. I mean just speechless.Just love to continue praying to God to always make me happy and my all my spoken or silent dreams come through too.

Jokes apart, every year that I found myself still breathing and another year been added to my age..I count my blessings. Truly I have won some and I have lost some but I have been able to count each disappointment as a blessing.And I have learned so much to make every mistake an experience.

Though I have had my own fair share of loving,heartbreaks,lonely times,happy times and not too many happier times. Bearing it mind that tough times dot last and I have been able to move on with my life without looking back cos I take everything that happen to me good or bad as an experience and it has helped me a lot in a great deal.

And life is a lesson..I have been opportune to meet a quite a few of you guys out there who had thought me a lot but I would also say there are some point too when you would have actually learn one or two things from me too.

I really don't wanna bore you with a long note. I just want to thank you all for the love, happiness, the warmth and sunshine you have brought into my life. I've always knew you all came into my life for a reason. And yes, it is true, I've learned(still learning) a whole lots from you guys.. So don't mind sometimes when I'm been naught with my status message or being too lovey dovey in my notes and writing...I'm only "WO" "HU" man...LOL

Finally I want you all to know that I'd value our friendship and I appreciate that having you all around me,showering me love and attention and without you,my world would have been totally boring.....It has really been nice having you all in my life.

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Happy bday Ms. SpicyT!

Spicytee said...

Thanks Ms.SSD..
Where am I sendig ur cake?

Buttercup said...

awwww sweet...

happy belated birthday babe...hope u n ur bro had fun????

gosh..i wish i were a twin!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

mike said...

eya. happy b'day! where's our cake?

StandTall-The Activist said...

Happy b'day SpicyTee

Severus Snape said...

Hapy, spicy.

And hope u taste as spicy as your name...
I was gonna say sth about a twin but I remembered my most recent post and decided to shut up!
Congrats, dear!

seamstress said...

happy birthday hun...hope u had lots of fun xx

wordmerchant said...

happy belated birthday...hope it was where is the cake??

Nice blog...been reading archives :)

Spicytee said...

@Buttercup..Awwww.. Thx dearie.. Dont worry as u don miss being a twin, you will have twins in Almighty's name.
@Anonymous..I will check out ur blog soon.
@ Mike.. Cake dey oh.. Or should I share a virtual one with my fellow bloggers?
@ StandTall..thanks for the msg.Hope u re cool?
@ severus..whats d meaning of dat? Pls tell me d story about d twins..I'm waiting.Thx bro.
@ sea mistrss..hmmm Sorry Seamstress..Thx sis.We had mad fun.
@WordMerchant...another nice name..Thx 4 d msg.Is better late than never..i'm coming 2 visit ur crib.

LG said...

happy belated birthday dear' may God grant u ur heart desires (minus being one of 'fba's wife:)

Geebee said...

Happy birthday in arrears. The fact that we are alive is enough reason to appreciate God. He remains faithful even at times when we least deserve it. I assume you're 29 now (or is it 30?) Whichever way, congrats. Do you actually have a twin brother? You can send my own cake as well... Should I send the address?

Spicytee said...

@LG..LG..Becareful oh..
Dont you know getting FBA to my own side is my first birthday resolution.Thx 4 d msg.No dey curse me ooooo
@Geebee..Thx oh..But wait why re u calculating my age now?Whats ur own?
And yes I have a lil twin bro.LOL

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