Dread Yourself

Ever wanted to change your hair to dread? Here are few tips on ho to get started and maintaining it.

What You Need:-
1. Stiff dread comb - a metal flea combs works well

2. Rubber bands

3. DreadFX Dreadlock Wax

How To Make Your Own Dreadlocks

1. Wash your hair

Use a residue free shampoo. Do not use a conditioner.
Let the hair dry completely.

2. Section your hair

Choose the size you will make the dreads (approx. 1 inch by 1 inch sections works well)
Not too big, or they will not hold.
You can use rubber bands to hold each section while you section the rest of your hair.

3. Backcombing (combing towards the scalp)

Take a section of hair, starting with sections at the back of the head.
Use a stiff dread comb to back comb hair
Remove the rubber band.
Begin close to the scalp and backcomb small sections at a time (approx. half an inch)
Keep back-combing until it dreads down to the end.
Once finished that section of hair put one rubber band on the tip and one on the root.

4. Apply DreadFX dread lock Wax

Use DreadFX dread wax to rub in to the dread with your fingers.
Start at the roots Rub the wax into your fingers first to soften it up.
Work the wax into the dread lock with your thumb and forefinger
When fully worked in, the dread wax will no longer be visible on the hair.

Work your way up to the tip adding dread wax as needed . (But work in between you head anti-clock wise)

5. Repeat

Continue forward on the head spending approx. 4 - 5 minutes on each section.
Remember! This is a long process that will take 5 - 6 (or more) hours.
If a friend is doing this for you make sure it is a good friend. Have lots of
munchies on hand as well as lots of good Reggae music...Then dread yourself away!!!

More tips...

Before you begin to dread your hair, is advisable that you grow your hair to a couple of inches, to the point where you can braid or twist it.

*Oils are usually the number one choice for dread nourishment..So try applying some oil or wax as necessary. Too much of oil though will clogged your scalp.
*I read somewhere that it takes up to 6-8weeks for a dread to form..So my dear it takes dedication and patience to get the long flowing dreads that everyone admires.
*Only wash you dread after it is formed..Wash while using your hand anti-clockwisely)

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This is cool

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