Funny Memories From The Past

>>>>I remembered when I was like five years and in a nursery school, A bike rider hit me one day on our way back from school. We used to do hide and seek(We: i mean my twin,step brother and other classmate that stays within our street) On that faithful day, Everyone has crossed the street before me,so as usual I recite my "Look right,look left,look right again before you cross the road) Till today I still dey talk say that phrase is very wrong,cos what about the second "Look right again" Cos that day,when I finished the phrase, I made for the other side of the road,the next thing i heard is Gbooosah. I still walked home that day by myself but popsy hurriedly rushed me to the clinic after setting the Bike man free. But the gave me 2face cos my other face bruised so badly and when it became healed,on side of my face was dark and the other was light,my siblings used to make jest of me then.

>>>>(You must have read this on JDB blog b4). I almost entered 419 trap one day and till today I still can't rmb what made me followed the guy to their meeting place.
When we got there I met two other women(Na mama dem be o) and another guy and they told me about the stuffs they need money to clear at the port,they even showed me some Ghana must go bags..But they didn't open it sha.

So they brought one calabash,say make we swear that I won't tell any other person and if I do, I will die.....So we all drank from the calabash

So they asked me to go and bring money or gold anything valuable that we can turn into cash. That we'll make lots of money and from the proceed I can returns all those stuffs back. So one of them accompanied me to the bus stop, So when I got back home... I was truly looking for money.. I checked mummy's wardrobe looking for money and valuables. It was my twin brother that shook me out it. And he was like why are you scattering Mummy's things,what are you looking for?

I told him,I cant tell him. Then he locked the wardrobe and kept the key. So I started dragging it with him (If you had seen me that day, you would have known am on a mission). So I started harassing him to give me the key,so he went to report me to our Big brother. So he asked me. What are you looking for? I said money, he dipped his hand in his pocket and gave me N50. I rejected it. that I needed something bigger than that. He asked me again For what? I was looking at the ground. Talk to me,what do you need money for?
I told him I cant tell him,he asked my twin to go and he began to queried me. not knowing what to say anymore.. I burst into tears, that I will die, if I tell him.
To cut the long story short. I told him oooo...And till today my siblings still make jest of me( I'm going to die if I tell u)But this is me still writing here oo.. I no die ooh gbam.

>>>> Another is when we were still in the Nursery school, popsy used to give us 5kobo stipend,most of the time,we don't get to spend it. So one day, after school,we were having lunch, mumsy used to leave our lunch separately,but trust us the three musketeers,we will turn all the food together in a bowl and start eating together(Mostly is rice anyway). So that faithful day, I kept my 5kobo underneath the bowl of rice, so when I went to get water, my twin brother took it,when I remembered, I started looking for it. My step brother gave him away. So I went after him in mad fury. He gave me the coin back. But guess what I did with it naughty me. I kept the coin on my own side of the place inside the rice. By the time we finished eating, everybody has forgotten about the coin. So I started looking for it again. When everyone realized that I had swallowed the money(cos i don't chew rice, I swallow). SO they ran in panicked to tell popsy again. I was rushed to the clinic again.. But was able to get the coin out later,but could dare not touch it..(U know what I mean)LOL

>>>> Is wondering what is it about cigarette.So one day,we bought a stick of cigarette and we all ran up stair with our neighbors. We light the cigarette and we all took a puff each,coughing as we pass the stick around all five of us.. Then someone caught us in the act. We all got six stroke of the cain each in our butt.

>>>>Another funny episode was between me and my twin brother, both of has the knack for having this funny fight where he won't let my hand be the last on him and me sef won't allow his to be last on me. So that faithful morning we were at it again and in a bid not to let my hand last on his body, he ran out of the room only to collide with my sister that was bringing in hot tea for breakfast. I pity him small sha..But I had the last laugh that day and since then,he no dey joke with me again.

>>>> Later we soon found ourselves in a boarding our for our primary school education. In the female hostel, we used to have this mini dramas, where we play Father and mother between ourselves. We used to do daddy and mummy having sex in the night. Girl on top of girl,rubbing our little bodies together. Imagine with our koko pointed breast...

>>We also used to cook rice in an empty tin of powder milk,bournvita etc,then we use pepper and tomatoes that we steal from the school garden and oil from the dinning kitchen.

>>Popsy maternal Aunt used to visit us in school back then cos she stay in the town. May her soul rest in perfect peace. She used to bring stuffs for us especially food. She used to cook Rice and Yam together and is always sweet o,but we don't like it,trust our hostel mates,they are always expecting that Old woman more than us cos we are always giving it out.

>>And wait for this, we used to make cake with Garri,bournivita,milk,sugar,gogo(smarties)on our birthday.It used to be sweet. Contact me if u want a cake like that.(Damn I cant but laugh whenever I think of this)

>>>>More in boarding house. There was a day I was in the toilet(Our toilet was outside the hostel)So that faithful afternoon,we were having siesta, so I took permission to go the toilet. As I started my mission, I was looking down at the long thing coming out of my yansh and praying it should not break(Na tush pit toilet oh before you start to dey run ur mouth). So I looked up, guess what was facing me. A very big SNAKE, laid coiled up in front of me and looking at me. How and when the snake got there I didn't know. I stood still,even the excrete refuse to come out or cut off sef. I started sweating profusely. I was so much afraid. And I cant even run cos the snake has block the door way. As luck would have it. The snake just turn and crawled away. (Don't ask me if I wait to finish my mission in the toilet oh or even clean up sef).. I ran into the hostel through the backdoor shouting snake..snake..snake.. Everybody in the hostel ran out through the front door.(Even the house mistress fled too) It was really a mad day.

Relationship....Are You Looking For A New Love?

Many People do not know that its always better to be alone than be in bad relationship every now and then, but life has a way of making one change his/her minds from unwanted thoughts.

And as long as one craved for a company, guys will always be guys,(hmm point of correction people will always be what they wanna be) You can either play desperate to them or play hard to get, they knew what you want and they know what to say if they must get at you.And once they know u are desperate in finding love, dating, marriage or what have you..they will treat you as they deem fit.
If a man is as good as he says, he'll romance you by every means he knows how to win you over.And if is a woman..she will flirt and seduce you until she get what she want....Nothing is guaranteed!!

See you might probably have been hurt before and in your mind's eye,every man/woman are the same, but you will never find out unless you give it a short.Also learn to be friends first for along while without promising anything.So if you find out that it wont work.There shouldn't be anything too tight in your gut;in relieving yourself from unwanted situation

I've learned that:

* Become friends first, and then if you both feel like you want more... then small steps, one-at-a-time, no rush! If its REAL, it will happen.

* Friendship is a good thing to build a relationship on, once you have a good foundation, you build on it. ...Never letting go of that friendship because that's what started it all. I've found out that what you do need to look out for,Is someone that you are comfortable with.Trust,love,faithfulness,sincerity etc will be earn along the way.

* One don't need to rush love... it'll happen when you least expect it...Just take that time in finding it.

* Date for a while and learn about one another. Past, present and future thoughts.

* Compromise if you must, everyone has to compromise a little. But with little sacrifices that we make both party happy.
....You cant possibly get everything on a platter of gold.Most times, you do really need to compromise.
I have always been someone that wont trade my wanted quality for anything.But after seeking fruitlessly. I found out that I do need to bend a little.

* Then make the best of the relationship; finding the perfect match for oneself is not easy because if it was easy finding a good person everyone would have one... Some people settle for less... the wise ones are picky, and choose someone who as beautiful inside as they are outside... Somehow everything works out in this world, just the way we want it to be, some good/some not as good. We choose our own paths, make our way. Its just life... Be what you want to be, don't let anyone hold you back.

Above all you need to check yourself too,maybe the problem might even be from your side,maybe you are not yet ready to give up your freedom and singleness.. I know there is a pot for every lid..someone is out there for everyone... One just need to find it patiently.
So my dear.That's what I have discovered about relationship and finding new relationship.Hope you find some point in it.

NB: I posted these on Facebook long ago and it add mad comments,will find time to upload them in here sometimes soon.

Can you do this?

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* Dont google ur answers.
*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.


1. What is your name :Shakeera

2. A four Letter Word : Sexy

3. A boy's Name : Shola

4. A girl's Name : Shade

5. An occupation : Striper

6. A color : Sea Green

7. Something you'll wear : Sokoto

9. A food : Steak

10. Something found in the bathroom : Sink

11. A place : Switzerland

12. A reason for being late : Shopping

13. Something you'd shout: Snake

14. A movie title: Save The Last Dance

15. Something you drink : Stout

16. A musical group : Soul4real

17. An animal : Squirrel

18. A street name :  Simpson Street

19. A type of car : Smart

20. The title of a song : Stick with you 

P.S. This is simply crazy...




Fineboy Agbero 



















Advice- My Husband is having an affair.

I need someone to talk to right now and your thought came to mind. I'm a 38 years old woman,married with two kids,a boy and a girl,age sixteen and 10 respective. I've been married for 7 years. My problem now is that my husband is having an affair with a young lady of 30years old. And he is basking in it.

I really don't know how it happened but the spark is gone with my marriage and all effort to revive is not yielding any effort. My husband is 45years and run his own Petroleum Company Business. He used to be a very loving man when we are not yet married. We started out as friends,so we so very fond of each other.So when the time come for more commitment. We didn't bat an eye lid. We got married.

I have been one of those women that is hardworking,decent,beautiful,lively and romantic. I take good care of my husband. And I don't let my work get in between us. I don't keep too much friends. Ours was a very peaceful family.Before this problem started. I'm always there for my husband's needs both physically and emotionally. Ours was a very beautiful union. I respect my husband and adore him. 

The geneses of our problem started when I found out that he has a mistress outside of matrimonial home. He even rented an apartment for her. And spend most of his time with this lady. They've been dating for almost three years before I got wind of the affair. And I didn't suspect him for one day cos I so much trust him and never believe he will do something like that. And being such a very hardworking man and the nature of his business has never made me suspected anything until I he traveled out of the country and forget his mobile behind while trying to charge it for his departure.

Our was a no-pry affairs. I've never check out his phone. There was never a need for that because I respect his freedom,so I never preyed and like I always says one only see what one is looking for by preying.

On that faithful day. After he has left for the airport. A message came in which jolted my attention to the fact that he has forgotten his phone. Hitherto he has discourage me from accompanying him to the airport because I was just recuperating from malaria. And me not having any other thought. I shrugged it off that he is just being a good husband.

I had only wanted to get my car keys and run after him when the message preview hit me.
Ronke"Sugarpie I've been in the airport for the past 30min.What...."
All adrenalin rushed to my face and I couldn't help but finished Reading the message.
"What is happening,why re u taking so long. Leave the old hag and come to your Little pumpkin boo. We are due to board in next one hour.Lv ur baby"

I scrolled out for more text message from the same name. But my nerve could not read them. What more could I possibly be looking for? My world became shattered almost immediately and I was mad with fury. Still I made a move for the car keys and made for the door when he came in.
I told him I was just coming after him to give him the phone and He said thanks,hurriedly placed a peck on my cheeks and quickly dashed out again. That day I cried and wondered why he why he was seeing someone. We didn't get to talk about it and even after he knew that I have read that particular message and probably more. He switched and become distant.

I was even afraid to brush the topic up. Because I was just afraid of what will happened. He spend more time outside our matrimonial home and he sleep out more. Yet I didn't say anything. 

He doesn't care anymore. Everything has change. He doesn't eat at home regularly,he gives me excuse when I call out to me i the night to make love to me that he is tired,lets do it tomorrow etc. He became so cold. Even my daughter asked me the other day what is happening between you and Dad mum? And I just told her nothing. She said " But he is not always there,Mummy something is wrong? But I just told her that Daddy is probably going through a lot of stress at work. That things will be fine soon.

So one day I finally resolved to have a talk with him. So in the night when we retired to bed. I asked him about what is happening to us? He said about what? And suddenly he sprang out of the bed and started shouting at me. "Nothing is wrong.Nothing is wrong.And if you wont let me sleep peacefully. I will go to the guest room. And walked out of the room. That night I cried till day break. So many riot of questions on my mind. And I kept asking myself what I've done wrong. What is happening to me?
But a voice in me kept telling me that is about him but the man in him that is the problem.

The following morning. I greeted him with a hug from the back when I came in from the kitchen and saw him in the room picking some clothings in the wardrobe. But he just removed my hand from the embrace. That night he didn't come home. And didn't pick his call when I called him to know of his where about.

Some days later. Things got a lot better. I was trying to give him a hug when he came him from work one evening, when he just waved me off and went inside the room with the children behind me. I was so disappoint that I marched after him.

And I told him when I entered the room.
"At least be nice in front of the kid" It must have been guilt that touched him and he saw tears coming out of my face.
He looked at me intently as he strode towards. He held my hand kissed me softly on my mouth.
"Why are you doing this to me?, what is wrong?." I asked in between sobs.
"I'm sorry". He begged.
"What is it that am not doing right" ..." I mumbled and he kissed me again.
"No baby. There is nothing wrong; We’re just fine honey. I love you.”

That night we made love and things almost started changing for the better. He stayed at home more,play with the kids and even eat dinner and breakfast with us.

I was happy again though every time I wanted to ask him about the other woman. But I was that the peaceful atmosphere in our home has been restored. So I just pretend nothing happened.

Then one day, a friend of the family paid me a visit. And she told me he saw my husband at a naming ceremony the other day and I was like it must really be a naming ceremony of someone i don't know because he didn't mention it. But she cut me short.

"Seems you don't get me, your husband was the new born baby's father". She dropped the bomb shelled.

"You must be kidding me,my husband will never do that". I told her

"I'm sorry but that's really the truth Kofo, you can ask him,even tell him that I said so". She said confidently and my world collapse almost immediately because she is not someone who will just come out of no where to tell a lie about my husband. And she continue to tell me more about the lady in question.

"Her name is Ronke,she had the baby in the states. And they have been dating for awhile now,says three years".

"I know". I interjected

"You knew? And what did you do about it". She asked surprisingly but I offered no response

"And you let it generated to this?". 

To cut the long story short, my husband did not come home for a week and when he did. He has resumed back to switching off and on mode. And when I tried raising the topic,he shouted at me,that I shouldn't even go there. We have resumed living like a stranger again.

I'm loosing it. I can't keep on like this. I'm not happy at all. I don't even know what to think again. I have always been a good wife to him and a good mother to our kids. We've never had any argument prior to this. I'm afraid I don't know how to manage this.But I can't keep bear it anymore. What do I do. Someone should please advice..

PS: This seems to be my first major advice article on this blog. It was sent to me anonymously by one of my blog's lover.Please lets make it count for my anonymous troubled friend. Thanks

Beware Of Empty Promises!!!

There are men who are perfect in promising what they can’t 
fulfill. Men who believe in getting ladies of their dreams 
and luring them into bed by using their sugar - coated tongues 
to seduce ladies. 

They are the casanovas who promise the woman heaven and 
earth just to make sure they open up. 

Men often think that the way to their money is through their 
bedroom and they believe all they have to do is to wave a few 
bills of money under a girl's nose and they can get whatever 
they want. 

Though everyone has a price, the price may not necessary be money, 
it maybe love, peace, contentment or any other thing 
because money to me is only a commodity that doesn’t 

But what we ladies should have realized this by now. Having 
fallen victims of such randy men once or twice, we still 
tend to fall into this trap all the time. 

Some of them are too good at promising us jobs that are far 
fetched. We should know that Men are not ready to give you 
anything without taking anything back for it and the reason 
they offer all is just to climb up pour and roll that’s all. 

That’s why we need to be careful before we succumb, remember 
sex is not refundable. Once they draw one or two rounds thats 
the end, you might not see them again. 

Do you know the categories of girls they look for? It’s the 
desperados in need of one favor or the other at whatever 
cost. Female students,unemployed females looking for jobs 
here and there.

It just beat me..Men! They will continue to eat our cake and have it.

Have You Ever Been In Love With Two People At The Same Time?

Have You Ever Been In Love With Two People At The Same Time?
And how did you manage it?