The Art of Giving

Emerson said
"Rings and jewels are not gifts,
but apologies for gifts.
The only true gift is a portion of thyself."

Providing for people in need is a way of giving thanks for what we have been given. It's like silently saying,God has blessed me and he has asked me to share that with you. If we are generous,God will return the favor. When we sow, we scatter God's blessings for growth.

When we reap,we harvest those blessings. Reaping and sowing are a unified,continuous process that requires a diligent and on going obedience to God. When you are obedient and share what you have with others, you will be provided with all you need, every time you need it. When you give cheerfully and unselfishly,you are demonstrating your faith. And the hearts of those you touch, even with the smallest kind of gestures, in turn you will be blessed as they give thanks to God for your kindness and obedience.

When we don't spend, how can you ever receive? Is like holding something in your palm and folding your palm,how can anything else come in into your palm? When you don't open the palm? But note, the art of giving goes beyond monetary values. The art of giving start from the art of kindness,love,compassion etc even to respecting people. You can never be respected if you don't exude that yourself. Likewise
Just think about it.

The Art of Giving
From The Art Of Living By Wilferd A. Peterson

We give of ourselves when
we give gifts of the heart:
love, kindness, joy, understanding,
sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness.

We give of ourselves when
we give gifts of the mind:
ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals,
principles, plans, inventions, projects, poetry.

We give of ourselves when
we give gifts of the spirit:
prayer, vision, beauty, aspiration,
peace, faith.

We give of ourselves when
we give the gift of words:
encouragement, inspiration, guidance.

Ps: Make sure you give out something today.
Cheers and lots of love