True Love Letter from the Archives | The beginning...

Of so many good things that I have and which means more to me that I
can say. I’m so pleased I know you in the first place and since love
is fondness between two hearts and two heart are the heart that
cares, cherish, trust, love and understand one another. Am so much
filled with contentment that I have you…

I wonder what you’re doing right now. I wonder what you’re thinking,
could you be thinking of me too? There’s not a day you don’t fill my
mind, my heart, and my soul with happiness these days. Thinking to
myself I exercise my mind further, wondering if you’re the one… and I
pray wholehearted that it is you that I’ve been waiting for all my

You sent me mind bulging text, you call me on phone, my heart beats
with yours even from a distance because we were the same you and I…
We talk about ourselves, sharing the UP’s and Down’s of the road
we’ve chosen, the baby we need to nurse, I love to listen to you just
talk, gawd! I could listen to you forever and a day because I find
you interesting in so many ways the way you speak,
the sound of your voice, the brightness in your eyes and your
beautiful cheerful smile that says so much.

I enjoy the times we shared together and not even have to speak.
It’s then that am sure you are the one I’ve looked for all my life.
It is the way you hold me when we are close. It is the way your hands
touch my face or caress my hair and naughty you, the way you sniff
me. The soft tender kisses I adore, and the way you seem to love me
so completely I’ll never be able to tell you how you make feel so
complete cos each minute I spent with you bring it’s own
fulfillment. I know no matter how hard I tried to show you that I
love You, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to totally express it as
I have it in my mind.

Your laugh just opens my world completely, anything that was
occupying my thoughts vanish. If you truly understand my love for you
then you’d know my love you will never have to search for it again. I
think you know, and I am amazed at how you show it in return. People
speak of love in many ways. We love family and friends in one way. We
love each other in such a more intimate way. Lovers in love … Is there
anything better?

Those little jest we made on the phone after I left the café touched
and I’d wanna talk to you 4ever on the phone if we are not going to
incur huge bills on your company’s phone. We choose to meet and from
the moment I meet you face/face, really I couldn’t say what I feel,
maybe I like you, maybe I don’t, I really can’t say. So we gist, is
as if we known all this while, we got to know much about one another.

Then you said you don’t want to toast me oh, but you did anyway and
am so glad you did cos I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I lost you
for anything in this world, remember you said if I wanna be your girl
I should give you a hug and if it is otherwise… then I did cos I
really want you too, I’d give hug you as we enveloped into a lovers
embrace that personifies an honest and true love, lips touching,
setting our souls on fire. I breathe in your aroma, tingling my
senses as my heart beat. You know I could just hold
onto you forever and just be… (Hey me at Obalende bus –stop kissing
someone…) laugh, so far am with you, yeah I will do anything for you.
That’s what you do to me my love.

As the minutes stretched into hours, hours into day, I know you
really meant a lot to me, is something I hold to heart, I’d look
forward to sharing my days with you, hanging around, just being
beside you, either while we lay kissing…saying sweet nothing to
each other, just breathing the same air or doing funny and crazy

Yester-night made me loves you the more and as I make myself comfy in
your company. Our hungry mouths part slightly to invite exploring
tongues, wrapped in a wetness brought on by an insatiable desire to
taste one another, Mmmmm… Hands playfully in one another’s as we kiss
in short bursts, smiling in between. You kiss my smile as my eyes
close and the tenderness of your soul touches my soul once again.
Our embrace now is more like entangled snakes in a frenzy trying to
mate one another, romantic but instinctively right, really you first
said that you’re not going to do it but like I’ve said earlier I would
have rape if you had not…then you go down on me. Wow..the excitement still linger on and on every time I remember that, (even as I write now) I feel the burning sensation
still running through me.

You lay on my chest; tracing your finger on the outlines of my face
and kissing my now closed eyes as I sigh… have I ever told you that you
are great? Yes you are.

Fingers running through my hair, you know how to calm me darling. I’d
admired your kind and soothing touch, you know…
We moved to our sides, close as it can be. Legs crisscrossed into one
another without a thought as your hand caresses my skin.

The moments we shared yester-night is undeniably the best I’ve known,
is it the best you’ve known too? Hardly a word is spoken, only a
faint whisper, “ I love you” or a sigh of passion escaping in a
breath. We breathe the same air, our eyes deeply peering into the
others. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I’m
inclined to believe that cos I see so much in your eyes my love and I
would die if you ever decide to leave me all by myself.

Seun what do I do to have you for the rest of my life? What? I
thought this is even lust or what do we call it; I’ve never heard
this before but of course! There is love at first sights? But don’t
really know what to call ours, I even thought that if you traveled
that am gonna forget about you and that I may realize that I didn’t
love you after all but I missed you greatly, so much it hurts and I’d
realized that wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here
waiting for you cos we got something true…real and I prayed that we
should have ourselves for life.

Hey, I remember an old poem of mine… “Is there really a true love?
Maybe yes, perhaps not! … Behold
If you are wealthy and there I come, saying am truly in love with you,
may be am truly in love with your fat wallets
If you are dashing, handsome and I say am truly in love with you,
perhaps I’m truly charmed with your charming look.
If you are a genius and I say am truly in love with you, I might just
as well mean that am truly in love with your ingenuity.
If you are young, ambitious, well focused and purposeful and I say am
truly in love with you, maybe am in love with your fame.”
is their really true love? Yes Sean with you there is…

I wonder where you’ve been all my life? And most of the time, am
afraid too, yeah afraid if you will decide one day to leave me, you
might think am nut, do you know why the questions seem to occupy my
mind cos it has happened before and I don’t want to regret ever
meeting you or making love with you too soon but sometimes that’s the
way it is, how much of the passion can we sustain, will you ever get
tired of me?

I dreamt about us yester-night..and in my dream…you asked if I’d like
to take a walk with you, I smile…Our hands clasped, marching in tune
with our steps like a military parade, it just natural. We do silly
things to throw one another off balance, giggling like two teenage
lovers. Our shadows follow close behind, holding hands like us. We
smile as we both glance at the same moment to see, Each other…

The day is warm and being with you now can it get any better?
I think not (I murmur to myself)…
Children play as we walk by; they stop long enough to gaze at us
being in Love. It must really show, like an aura, only children and
old folks see. We kiss during mid-stride and while hearing young
kids giggling and covering their mouths; we wink at one another. The
little boys cringing at the thought of kissing a girl, as the young
princesses are in their own little world daydreaming of a love like
this one-day…

Most times, I wonder why two strange heart meet to fall so deeply in
love? In my search I found out, that’s just the way it’s is, from
small beginning to great ending, some relationships grow people into
one that make a difference, others don’t have that high of
expectations even as lovers. I’ve learn a lot of things cos I’ve been
through thick and thin and I have got burn out a lot in relationship
that I don’t even think I’ve got time to dabble into it.

Really before I met you I’ve always think maybe am not cut out for
relationship, and I’d tried to be on my own cos it better to be alone
than be in bad relationship every now and then, but life has a way of
making one change his/her minds from unwanted thoughts. And as long
as one craved for a company, guys will always be guys, you can either
play desperate to them or play hard to get, they knew what you want
and they know what to say if they must get at you.
If a man is as good as he says, he'll romance you by every means he
knows how to win you over. Nothings guaranteed!!

Dearie, am not only happy that I got you but my mind is at rest now,
I don’t know how it happened, and if I die any moment from now, I
will be fulfilled, yeah I will, cos am truly in love and loved.
I know my life has not been the same again ever since, you make me
so happy, that’s why I look at you sometime, and wish if I could just
be in your arms forever.

As the sun sets over the mountains our souls are not so obvious
behind us now, but there with us nevertheless, we just know!
We stroll along pointing out cool things others have done to beautify
their homes. One day we’ll have our own (I smile inside)…
The way we compliment one another in so many ways makes us the
perfect match. Everything we see, do or try were always thinking
about the other somehow. Am so happy cos I knew my days, weeks…year
with you will be wonderful from now on, I see many more in our
future. Growing old together… Mmmmm… a nice thought!

You walk me home to the door. As a proper gentleman would, you kiss
me goodnight, wishing me the sweetest dreams. We hold onto one
another like the first time, spending another 20min. Embraced in Love
Again I breathe you in, taking you deep into my soul, ever so deep.
You’re the Gladiator of my heart, lifelong guarding it from harm. I
love you Seun, yes I do… just bear it in mind that I love you well
enough and that why am inviting you to my world, sharing my heart
with you…

PS... Well what does it seem guys? Is Spicycafe really back with writing? Maybe yes...perhaps no. But I thought I'd share this with you. Who knows she maybe back. Keep a tab. Thank you.