The Fundamental Beauty of A Black Woman

The most beautiful thing on this planet is a black women. More praised than some false idol, more adored than a revolutionary hero, more cherished than an ancient relic. For she is the epitome of beauty. And ever so rarely we are privileged to lay eyes on the core of her beauty. You defined sexy. The standard by which all others are measured..A Black Woman, the element of spring
Black is truly beautiful
Balck is elegant
Black is pure
Black is Me
Big ups for every black, beautiful and bold women out there..

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Anonymous said...

so this is your hiding place. you husband snatching woman. I have caught you today. you have been found out.

Spicytee said...

Yes..Yes..What di u want woman?
You still follow me come dis place?
I can see d thing dey hot 4 ur body. And like I earlier pointed out is either u shift 4 me..Or I go send u pack..Is dat clear?

bumight said...

you too? see why u cannot trust all these blogville females!

oh, i see temite has been here!

Dabizniz said...

husband snatching?

Spicytee said...

No bumight...
No be say am like dat..
But her mouth na im wa mak eme taste d sweet apple now..

StandTall-The Activist said...

Up black women! Even they have issue among themselves, they get it resolved.

So Temite and Spicytee this must be a joke se? Are we talking about your blogsphere husbands? (lol)

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