Beware Of Empty Promises!!!

There are men who are perfect in promising what they can’t 
fulfill. Men who believe in getting ladies of their dreams 
and luring them into bed by using their sugar - coated tongues 
to seduce ladies. 

They are the casanovas who promise the woman heaven and 
earth just to make sure they open up. 

Men often think that the way to their money is through their 
bedroom and they believe all they have to do is to wave a few 
bills of money under a girl's nose and they can get whatever 
they want. 

Though everyone has a price, the price may not necessary be money, 
it maybe love, peace, contentment or any other thing 
because money to me is only a commodity that doesn’t 

But what we ladies should have realized this by now. Having 
fallen victims of such randy men once or twice, we still 
tend to fall into this trap all the time. 

Some of them are too good at promising us jobs that are far 
fetched. We should know that Men are not ready to give you 
anything without taking anything back for it and the reason 
they offer all is just to climb up pour and roll that’s all. 

That’s why we need to be careful before we succumb, remember 
sex is not refundable. Once they draw one or two rounds thats 
the end, you might not see them again. 

Do you know the categories of girls they look for? It’s the 
desperados in need of one favor or the other at whatever 
cost. Female students,unemployed females looking for jobs 
here and there.

It just beat me..Men! They will continue to eat our cake and have it.

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brownlie said...

Ah well, take full advantage of the sugar-coated tongue while it's available.

Afrobabe said...

True talk...but every woman should also know what she wants...I have sex because I want to,not because you promise me something..If I were to have it cos of ur promises then it would make sense to get the promise first.....No?

Danny Bagucci said...

Guess ultimately it shuold be a quetion of all parties defining what their expectations are - if the moeny, the cars, and all what not are what a chick wants from the dude, then she should ensure there is a process in place to ensure the dude delivers before giving up whatever it is she has to!

Dabizniz said...

If women did not fall for the sugar-coated tongues maybe they might stick to their wives. It even worse when it's dirty old men

I ain't seen Jenifa 1&2 but from what I heard it's all about this.

Grab ya copy now!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

No they will not continue to eat bour cake and have it.

Women are wising up (forgive my french)...

Geebee said...

Men! They’ll continue to eat our cake and have it . . . I so like that one. Feels good to be a man. lol. Seriously now, it’s not the men who are always bad. The ladies have their own share of the wahala too. . . Some women actually do eat the men’s cakes and have it over and over again. It’s best for a woman to define her principles regarding relationships and stick to it and there would hardly be any reason why she would for the ‘empty promises’ and true like Stand Tall said, women are beginning to wisen up (this one is Spanish). lol

Arewa said...

men like these are still in business because us females continue to fall victim to their games...

we need understand that it is very possible for a guy who is buying you everything and talking to you 24/7 to be playing games...

only have sex when you are ready and you feel like it and expect the bare minimum from men. don't ever sleep with a guy cuz u think he deserves it.

Spicytee said...

@ Brownlie...LOL. But most of the time, we always feel cheated.
@ Afrobabe.. . Abi oh..Teeth for tat..Thats using what you have to get what you want.
@ Danny.. True talk bro..But most of the time. Girls fell prey before those promises are being kept.
@ Men can never stick to their wife.. You do really to get urself a copy of Jenifa and have a good laugh.
@ Standtall.. yes..women are truly wiser now. No one wanna be fool forever.
@Geebee..why u no go feel good to be a man? Asewo, I'm thinking of how u will br grining from ear to an ear typing this. And i like ur defining priciple bits. But most of the time..We can never tell what is in a man's mind.. No matter how u guided those priciples.. If he go shi 4 u..He go shi 4 u ni yen.
@ Arewa.. Men will always be men now anytime.. Na women suppose open eyes. Like me I always say Men can only fool me if I allow it.. And there is nothing like a man deserve sex.. It suppose to be a do me I do u affair oh. No matter what he is trowing here and there.

Abimbola Steven T said...

why everything on men...taiwo dnt tell me women do not hav their own share of ur story...

Spicytee said...

They do...What do you want me to talk on women...
If you have anything..I can work on it..No hard feelings man....
For now..the poser is on the men for me...

Mike Oatway said...

Dont need to flash the cash!i'm just so good looking,charming.smooth+well wonderful really!and oh yes i have something all the ladies want!!!!

Adedayo-Blackson Shegun Ayotunde said...

like Abimbola said! women have alot to do with this..cuz most women/ladies are after money and what do you expect a man/guy that has been heart broken several time after spendin his pleasurable tym, money, feeling e.t.c on someone they think is real and later realize she's fake and after his money..speak for urself ma dear!!!!

Sesan Osijo said...

i believe it has to do with the way women are made. they are made for love and hearing all dose sweet lies releases some hoemones dat lets dem trust guys. it has been going on since d days of our fore-fathers.

Spicytee said...

But be that as it may...
Guys should deem it fit to just be who they are..No lie..
Not 2 make promises that cant fulfil..

Seun Oloketuyi said...

All these will stop the day,young girls stop living in fantasy land and live is so easy to know liars but the greed in d babes will keep them is just like takes 2 to tango o jare.eni to fe ku pade ani to ma pa.chikena

Bibi said...

lol @ sex is not refundable. true word. i actually get turned off when a guy starts making promises like i'll love you forever, i'll do this and that. huge turn

tobenna said...

I started off thinking you were going to turn ladies from being conned by guys.
But yeah, they will continue to eat your cakes and have it.
As for me, I have only one cake to eat. Till I die.
Lovely blog you have here SpicyTee.

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