It's time to get your bling on...

Excuse while 'eye' bling...
Bling is a new age name given to 'big' fashionable sparkles. It originally referred to Diamonds and Diamond encrusted fashion items. Over the years, bling has been accepted as standard nomenclature for accessories made from other precious stones, including Sapphires, Rubies, Swarosvski Crystals and more.

Hip hop influenced the Bling craze heavily when rappers, who, upon gaining celebrity status, displayed their fashion tastes, style sense and success with heavy gold chains/medallions and diamond encrusted jewelry. Though they put bling to some creative use, some of what they do with it border on the outrageous; I do not think I would want to wear jewelry on my teeth.

Bling has found it's way into student's list of fashion items. These days, "you ain't got style if you don't wear bling." They rock it as earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, neck-chains, pendants, belts, rings, watches big enough to be wall clocks, etc. Bling is so much desired that some spend all their pocket money to get it. Those who can't afford the real thing make do with some very cheap and low grade jewelry just to 'get their shine on.'

Phone and Footwear bling by If-Raim

The Bling-Bling revolution has tremendously changed our fashion sense while influencing our street style too. The bling craze has become a hot fashion trend and people have been absolutely taken by the whole trend that they use it anywhere and everywhere. Bling has come to signify uniqueness in style and individual expression. Bling provide a modern and funky look. Anyway you look at it, its your style.

*'if-Raim' is a London based Fashion company with it's own fashion brands. The company also runs it's own fashion consulting firm that deals in Personal styling and Personal shopping services. Most related to the topic of Bling is a service rendered which is a range of Customized Fashion brand ranging from Jewelry, to Clothing, Footwear to Accessories all beautifully and creatively encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. The good news is if-R-aim is coming to your's truly "Nigeria" this very year! So for all the bling loving fashionistas out there, WATCH THIS SPACE!

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