7 Tips to Maintaining A New Relationship

By Spicytee Taiwo Orimadegun

Starting a new relationship make you feel new, happy, tense and optimistic all together. We are haunted by fear and insecurity if is ever going to work our or if we are good enough. Sometimes we let our imperfections get in the way. We ask ourselves myriads of questions. Is he going to like my bulging stomach, when I'm naked or complains that I snore or eat too much. But who says your new boyfriend doesn't have his own?

New relationship actually involves more than the uproar of yes I've got her now. I found him at last. It entails some things that we often neglect. Here are some tips to help you on a level footing in your new relationship.

1. Be friends first and Spend time together.

Friendship is a good thing to build a relationship on, once you have a good foundation, you build on it. New relationship need time to grow. You need to spend time together to analyze yourself and determine if truly you want to be together. Sometimes we need to know where the relationship is heading, but just spending quality time together.

2. Be sure to have good communication.

For a relationship to survive it must have a solid foundation and how do we achieve that. Communication? Tell them things about you; reveal new things about you that you know your partner will love as you get along. This way gets to know and understand each other.

3. Be comfortable and natural with you.

Don't try to be what you are not, don’t pretend to be nicer, and don’t pretend to like things he /she like. Don’t encourage tag-along. You should do things together that are both pleasing to both parties, not forcing them to like what you enjoy. Do have your own opinion about things when you want. Also don't spend too much money or be too critical. Just be you. Let your partner see the real you. And a candid advice to the ladies- Well make ups is nice but don't let tones of make up define who you are. try being natural once in a while. Your guy will not only see a new side of you, he will love you for just being you.

3. Carry on with your Life.

Meeting someone new does not necessarily say, you should not continue being yourself. Many of us are guilty of this. When we find new love, we neglect our friends, family, just because we want to spend quality time with our partner. And this is bad. For your relationship to survive you have to balance everything. Continue doing what you do before she or he tagged along. You need to show him/her that you are independent and remember you must be happy with yourself first, be confident.

4. Bring up issues you don't like.

Believe me, most of the things that often lead to break ups or arguments are things we have seen in the early stage of the relationship but we seldom raise because we are afraid to tell our partner or you consider them trivial. However these patterns build up over the time. So I advice you say your mind because if it happens repeatedly and you continue to keep mute, he/she will continue the behavioural pattern... But you can change it now, just be courteous and gentle in the manner you bring it out.

5. Respect

Respect each other’s time and privacy. Give him your attention, give him air to breath. But maintain your cool and don't be too clingy. Don't be overtly jealous. Is sometimes a turn off. If begin to get unnecessarily possessive, that's a relationship killer. Find things to occupy your mind and take things easy. Simply give your relationship the proper space it needs to grow.

6. Share Same Interest.

And having similar goals and dreams will also help you guys to grow. Be genuinely curious about what make your partner tick and happy and tap into whatever makes you complete with him. This will not alone help in cementing your relationship. It bring you closer to each other.

7. Be adventurous.

Variety does not mean another guy or girl. Have fun with each other while you are still dating and more when you take it further with romance and making love. Tell your partner what you like sexually. Be direct, yet gentle. It helps both of you to understand how your body works and what makes you happy and satisfy.I hope you find this helpful. Till next time. Keep smiling and loving.

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