Women-Battery..What do you have to say???

Marriage/relationship is not intended to be a prison but a base, a safe haven for commitment, contentment, consolation, and tranquility. If it turns out to be an arena for discontentment, abuse, strife, battery or depression then it is failing to fulfill its proper purpose.

The phenomenon of women-batter is an abuse of men who beat their women only because they are either drunk, brutal by nature or just in a bad temper.

Men who behave like tyrants in the home; who assert his rule in an arbitrary or violent manner, are usually the weak ones who are actually suffering from hidden inferiority complex and are afraid of being shown up a mentally or morally inferior to their wife and at times insecurity could lead to it too.

A man does not need to assert himself over his woman or be on the defensive against her to correct a wrong or mistake she might have made.

But men believe they could hold the right and obligation that is woman is created at their mercy and should be contented with whatever treatment they metes out to them as their whims and fancy dictates.

Think about it, this thing start from when they are young, they first start by slapping their girlfriend, pushing her around, then they hit you really bad. Yes we still love them. Sometimes is bad enough that you can't even leave them,walk away without them getting more brutal with you.

I have left a guy before because of this. And when he came calling to beg me. The feelings of what he has done to me before won't let me take me back. I remember the way he beat locked the door on me,beat me with a belt and pet me afterward and the aggressiveness began. The thought can never get out of my mind till today after five years. And this was because he was just insecure,he was afraid of losing me and only want to prove a point to me which was on the reverse case for me. But I digress,another topic,another day, in fact I'm writing a book on that.

Anyway, I believe their ways you can talk to your woman without getting violence. Though I know some men still knows how to get at their woman without beating her up, shouting on her or anything of that sort. But whatever men derives in beating women up,, I'm sure the end is not yet in sight for them. But the choice is for every woman to stand up and say NO to this abuse today.

PS: Thank you guys for your advice on my last post. You are all too gbasky...
I didn't do anything after all.. I didn't reply the babe nor discuss with the guy.
I will just left it slide. But I will never touch the guy with along pole. I don't want no drama abegi.. Love you all.

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akaBagucci said...

blokes who batter wives are nuts IMO.. Granted some women nag to the point of becoming insensible... tow wrong do not make a right tho..

aloted said...

men who beat women shld b locked up and the keys thrown away!!!!!

temmy tayo said...

Men who beat women should be castrated!

BSNC said...

lol i agree with temmy tayo they should be castrated by a butcher..

Myne Whitman said...

I do not condone domestic violence by an inch. And that guy that belted you cheii, make I no talk sha. I'm glad you sorted out the other issue

Ms. SpicyTee said...

@ Baguci.. Yes... Me I believe if we can talk to our children and they can listen to us without us laying a finger on them.. Why cant these be possible with a grown up woman too?

@ Aloted... LOL..Abi o.. they should never see the light of the day again.

@ Temitayo.. Lmao.. at least if they don't have anything to be proud of again.. they will brag less about superiority.

@ BSNC..I couldn't agree more.. How is ur twins?

@ Myne..Just leave that guy alone.. the guy is married now.. but still wont let me be.. Imagine that?

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