Joys that fill my heart,
The smile that I show
When I'm with you,
I never want it to go.

Memories that we've had,
Reminiscenses of the past
Always in my mind,
Forever they will last.

Inside I see it in you,
Through your desert eyes I know,
When I want to show you
I'm afraid that you will go.

Scared to turn the key,
Unsure to unlock the door
Hoping it will open,
Loneliness can be no more.

But still I sit here wondering
Dreaming of what can be.
When can you feel my heart?
When can you see that am for real?
When? When? When?

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RocNaija said...

You write poetry as well??

Anonymous said...



nice one. its sweet yet a tad melancholy.

Hope all is well.

Ms. SpicyTee said...

@ Roc.. Yes... I'm very flexible o.. Cant write anything my head has the mind for..

@ Leggy .. Thanks.. Wasup?

@ SSD..Tad melancholly indeed.. Yes All is well.. Just one of those random thingy. How is the homefront?

BSNC said...

nice, i have found yet another poet..

Anonymous said...

I feel that toooo...but lately I havent and I will tell all later in my posting.

how are you?

jhazmyn said...

Awww, sweet, no rush though, for me, i kindda like the thrill of not knowing...though i agree, nothing rocks like knowing and being certain...

How've u been?

asweetcakes said...

Great poem. Just stumbled on your blog and i like.

I love pictures too, but i'd like to see some on your blog since you like photography. Following you and looking forward to more posts

Geebee said...

When will he see and know? All it takes is a little more patience from you. . . just don't hang up yet. . . Nice poem, sis.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice poem, clear you weren't feeling too chipper when you wrote it. Hang in there.

Ms. SpicyTee said...

@Asweetcakes.. Thanks. Well as per photography,I'll updates you on that when I'm fully out..Cos I'm empowering myself on that angle now.

@Myne.. LOL.. I was not.. It was one of those ramblings..

@ Geebee... You bet.. I'm not hanging up...Thanks..

@BSCN ....LOL..Poet indeed.. Wasup gurl?

@ Oyin .... Oh ok.. I will look out for that. I'm good.

@ Jhazmyn... Abi..you need to know.. You know there is joy in he feelings too.

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