What is really in a look?

As the popular saying goes. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." how much of look are we willing to settle for in our wanted quality of a real man or woman? How does look affect our choice in picking the men or women will date or has our better halves?

This has been a great contender in the choice of people we settle for. But to me. Look could be deceptive. Is really what character the person exude that count.

I know of a guy who sent two of his girlfriend's picture to his friends to asked them which of the two girls is beautiful? Comparing a girl he has been dating for some years with the one he just met. In as much as I find that childish and betraying.(Don't get me wrong both babes are beautiful)
I don't believe a guy need to lack so much confidence not to know exactly what he want to be comparing such.But permit me to digress.

Beauty could be important but is not as important as the person behavioral and moral pattern. His or her sense of judgment. A woman may be beautiful but doesn't say she will have brains or otherwise as regards to some men. Some men could be.

Ask me if I'm crazy about look. I'd tell you NO.. But you must really possess other things that must endear you to me. Like being friendly, good personality, good dress sense, humble,respectful,caring and must be worthy of trust. Is not necessary that money should ooze out of you but you must be hard working and comfortable with yourself.

I've dated the so called handsome bloke(s) before but all there to them is troubles and sleepless nights cos they are never faithful. And is not their fault sef cos girls too will not let them rest. But my point is What is really in a look?

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RocNaija said...

Lol.. Reading this just reminded me of a friend who showed us three pictures of girls to choose the finest..
And he married the one everyone chose..
Needless to say.. he's divorced now.. :(

Ms. SpicyTee said...

LOL....But it could have been different if he has choose otherwise. Permit me to say serve him right..

MilesPerHour said...

I have been told I am one of those "handsome blokes". I don't care how many women won't leave me alone I won't be doing anything with them as I am already in a relationship.

The first thing I notice when I see a woman is her eyes, her face, her smile. After that they have to be a quality person for me to be attracted to them and this only comes with me getting to know them. Looks ain't all that, and that goes for myself too.

Nice Anon said...

LOL@ Da Roc. Buahahahahahaa. Sorry I cannot stop laughing out loud.

seamstress said...

lol@roc, thats what i call karma

Looks are overated, the inner person is the one you have to live if day and night. Thats my take anyway

Arya samaj said...
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